Windows 10-ის პრეზენტაცია (პირდაპირი ეთერი)

ამ წუთებში კომპანია Microsoft მართავს პრეზენტაციას Windows 10-ზე

And that’s a wrap – moving on to Q&As and hands-on next. Thanks for tuning in!

We’ll see more about Windows 10 at GDC and the Mobile World Congress, as well as an event in April. Talking about launch being “later this year”; there will be new devices that launch at the same time, including flagship Windows phones.

Closing out now with a personal stories about Windows. Talking about visiting a school in the Bronx, being in a hospital with his son, watching someone unbox a Lumia phone.

Third: Cross-platform support. “Windows is the home for the very best Microsoft experiences.”

Second: mobility. Mobility of experiences, as opposed to devices.  (ie, being able to move between to devices easily, be it for productivity or gaming.)

First is of it as a service: it is about aligning goals of success for Windows with customer engagement with Windows. (Basically same points as mentioned at the start of keynote.)

Now discussing three specific strategy points around Windows.

Saying Windows 10 ushers in an era of computing in a mobile-first world.

Recapping on today’s topics, and company goals.

Satya Nadella now on stage. We’re close to the end, folks.

Using the HoloLens to “explore” Mars.

Now talking about how scientists and engineers are using this tech to help with space exploration.

Brought out a 3D printed version of the quadcopter that was created in Holo Studio. It actually flies!

Creation process is a combination of gestures and voice commands. Response time seems pretty quick (but this IS a demo).

“[Holo Studio] makes it easy for anyone to create 3D holograms in just minutes.”

 Now building out something in Holo Studio.

Showing off the HoloLens, and what’s being seen by the presenter. First showing a video clip with someone standing on the concrete pillar on stage. Then a display on the stage wall.

Now discussing Holo Studio, which lets you create your own holograms, then 3D print them.

Showing scenarios of having a bunch of different type of simulated objects in real world environments – looks vaguely Pixar-movie-esque for some of the situations.

2015-01-21 13_50_31-Greenshot.jpg

Now watching a video clip of developers talking about the HoloLens.

Device has see-through lenses, spatial sound, advanced sensors. Features a third processing unit (called “Holographic Processing Unit”) in addition to a CPU & GPU.

“Fully untethered”; “available within Windows 10 timeframe”

Called Microsoft HoloLens.

Unveiling a device to go with this software

Very much referring this tech as ‘holograms’ (not augmented reality) throughout the entire presentation.

Hands-on demo to come later, sounds like.

Showing someone aiding another person trying to fix some plumbing by marking up the image on a tablet, and having the marks show around the actual pipes on where to apply wrench.

Minecraft setup spread over a living room.

Augmented reality – screens, items, displays being shown in this clip.

Sizzle reel to talk about this in more detail.

Announcement: Windows Holographic.

“Can we put digital content right into your life?”

Oh. Oh. Guys, we’re back to that AR scenario screenshot.

Now switched to a PowerPoint presentation. Picked a slide, marked it up.

Showing Skype for Business up – have remote callers showing on one side of the screen, the whiteboard is the dominant part of screen.  Everyone can see whiteboard.

“No need to take pictures of your whiteboard with your phone anymore.” (That’s still probably the cheaper option…)

Very much a device geared at business use – collaboration, brainstorming. Showing how you can clip an image to a whiteboard app and then mark it up.

84″ 4K display with built-in computer., built in cameras, speakers, mics, wi-fi, bluetooth, NFC. “All you need is one cable to get started.”

Switching gears to unveiling a new device: Microsoft Surface Hub.

New Win10 builds available for PCs in the next week.

First build for Windows 10 for phones coming in February.

Sizzle video up now…

More about gaming on Windows 10 to come at GDC.

Now talking about Windows 10 coming to Xbox, and that they’ll talk more about what specifically that’ll mean later on.  Spencer says we shouldn’t expect Excel on Xbox, but developers who want to bring apps to living room TVs can.

Can bring up Xbox UI from PC and turn off console if you want.

Demo is of streaming Forza Horizon 2 from Xbox One to a Surface Pro 3.

Announcing: Windows 10 will allow streaming of Xbox games to PC.

Spencer noting you can get Achievements for playing on PC.  Emphasis for this cross-platform play seems to be multiplayer.

Release date: “later this year.”

Game is using DX12.

Showing cross-platform play for Fable Legends. Announcing that Fable Legends will be coming to PC and XB1. Right now, game being played on a PC and XB1.

Announcing that Unity has adopted DX12.

That Battletoads shirt…2015-01-21 13_17_34-Greenshot.jpg

Saying that power consumption has been cut in half vs. DX11, allowing better gaming experiences on mobile.

Talking up how DirectX 12 will give more control to developers.

Showing DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 side by side comparisons.

One click – Windows+G – brings up a menu that lets you record gameplay. Can opt for traditional recording, or do an instant clip ala Xbox One.

Has now pulled up on Steam and launching Civ Beyond Earth – going to demo how GameDVR feature works in Windows 10.

Showing off a Minecraft clip shared in the Activity Feed, and how you can like it, then comment on it.

Can voice and text chat with friends on Xbox Live.

Starts with “My Games” section – shows all games on all devices. Messages will keep you connected across all devices on Windows 10.

Xbox app on Windows 10 – being walked through it now.

“Gaming on Windows 10 will be more social and interactive.”

Spencer saying they’ve identified several ways to make PC gaming better.

“Gaming is personal”

Ooooh, here we go!  Phil Spencer on stage to talk about gaming and entertainment!

These apps shown over this last part of the keynote will be rolling out over the next 3-5 months.

Sample scenario: If you’re wife is coming in on a flight the same day as a surprise party for your sister, Cortana might let you know if your wife will make it on time automatically when you go to search something in the Project Spartan browser, since she’s already tracking that information.

“But because she knows you, she can help you in more nuanced ways that might surprise you a little bit.”

Third thing is Cortana being built into the Project Spartan browser.

Project Spartan will save items for offline reading, too.

Can also add items to a reading list.

Can switch to a reading mode that strips out extraneous elements on a web page. There are different options.

Second feature: trying to improve the reader experience.

You can share this marked-up webpage through many different services.

Showing a Verge article about the Spartan browser that was published during CES. Using a stylus to mark up the screen on the demo machine via touch gestures, but you can add a comment using a keyboard if you’re not on a touch-enabled device.

Emphasizing the streamlined UI as window with three tabs is brought up onscreen.

Working on 3 significant new features “to make you more productive on the web”

(It’s a codename – not the official name.)

Project Spartan is a thing!

Ooooh new browser announcement!

For Maps, can bring up a route on your PC, send it to your phone. Can also have Cortana remember where you park so you can find your car after you’re done at your location.

For Music, will allow you to put music in the cloud and changes will reflect across all devices.

Back to Collections – organized by metadata like location and date to create these albums for you, so you don’t need to organize yourself.

Photos are also automatically touched up (like red-eye removal). MS is assuring that this can all be disabled for manual control.

Discussing the Photos app and how it organizes the photos. “Collection” helps with keeping stuff like duplicates and burst shots easy to manage.

Moving into other apps like Calendar – still emphasizing just how it’s the same code running on mobile and PC.

Now in Outlook. Saying that when you send an email, you’re using the Word engine. Just used up the lorem function to pull in some filler text.

Now showing a PowerPoint presentation being run on the Lumia 1520.

Any docs stored on your OneDrive or OneDrive for Business can be accessed from any device for editing.

The UI for phone version of Word actually looks pretty well laid out – you can bring up formatting from the bottom of the screen, and it’s very simply laid out.

Using Office as the apps demonstrated. Also mentioning that Word will be included on tablets and phones.

Moving onto talk about universal apps that will work on tablets, phones, PCs, and Xbox.

Showing how messaging can switch dynamically between texting and Skype to utilize the “rich” capabilities of Skype. (Hopefully you can turn this off if you don’t want it…)

Emphasis is on natural response, though, and how Windows 10 is able to get correct spelling on a person’s name by pulling it from the contacts list and properly compressing a hashtagged phrase to not have spaces between the words after the hash tag.

Responding to a text message – showing how you can move the keyboard around on the screen.

Showing a custom background, recently installed apps on the apps list, action center that’s synced up with the PC.

Using a Lumia 1520 for the demo.

Now moving to talking about the Windows 10 experience on tablets and phones, and what’s been tailored for them.

This capability will be rolling out to Insiders over the next couple of months; will spread globally more rapidly the sooner Windows 10 gets to launch.

Now dictating an email for Cortana to send.

(squabbles, rather.)

Use case being described is a living room PC; talking about how this will change family dynamics. (I’m envisioning a new form of sibling squbbles…)

“Hey, Cortana – play my music.” “Queing up your music.” <music is playing right now>

Cortana can filter search results and then organize them based on what she thinks is most relevant to what you’d want. Example: typing in Skype offers up the Modern-interface app to launch, the ability to install it from the Store, and then also some web-based results.

PC experience with Cortana isn’t purely a port of the phone experience: will have specific PC oriented features as well. You can search local hard drive and One Drive and One Drive for Business to find files through natural queries.

You can review what’s in this Notebook – you can add or remove entries to improve personalization (and also preserve privacy).

2015-01-21 12_30_47-Greenshot.jpg

“Hey, Cortana, what do you know about me?” “I have my Notebook, so I know what you’ve let me know”

“How much will it cost to attend the University of Washington?” “$12,394.”

2015-01-21 12_27_36-Greenshot.jpg

Asking pretty natural questions: “Hey Cortana, will I need a coat tomorrow?” Answer: is probably not, and a temperature prediction readout.

Can talk to her to ask a question, or type in a query into the search bar built into the Windows 10 taskbar.

Announcement: Cortana now officially available on PC.

Cortana available in 7 languages. Can do Yoda impression, too.

Cortana demo now. Involves a natural-sounding conversation with Cortana that involves some light banter about haircuts and the Seahawks.

Build being shown next is very much work in progress – we’re being warned glitches may crop up during demo.

On the 8″ tablet, you can drag windows down toward the taskbar to minimize them. Pretty nice feature (speaking as a Surface Pro user – having to jab at a minimize button is pretty rough).

2015-01-21 12_23_17-Greenshot.jpg

Snapping keyboard back in, get another pop up asking if you want to go back to desktop mode.

Now demoing Continuum. Demo on a Surface pro 3 tablet – if you pull off the keyboard, it’ll ask if you want to use touch mode.


Now have access to a Notification bar from the right hand side of screen.

Showing off a Windows 10 desktop. Start Menu is a combo of traditional Start Menu and Modern interface. Can now fullscreen Start Menu.

Now showing off Windows 10 on devices: PCs, 2-in-1s, tablets, phone. Then after: Phil Spencer to talk about gaming. Then talking about “two entirely new Windows experiences”

“Windows 10 redefines the rules of the game”

Really emphasizing both security and developer ability to hit multiple device types at once.

Also promising full support once upgrade is done.

This is for the first year after release only.

Also offering free upgrade to all using Windows Phone 8.1. AND free upgrade to all users running Windows 7.

Announcing: first year after Windows 10 is available free upgrade to all devices running Windows 8.1.

Showing a sample scenario – interesting part is that the home scenario shows a VR/AR situation.

Third is “natural interaction” – ability to use styluses, etc.

Second area is “trust” (privacy – user is the customer, not the product.)

Their focus on Windows 10 – three areas of innovation for improving customers’ lives. One area is “mobility of experience.”

Assuring everyone that their feedback does affect the product.

Watching a video clip where various MS team members are thanking everyone for feedback and explaining how helpful it’s been.

2015-01-21 12_01_46-Greenshot.jpg

Talking about feedback now on Windows 10’s Technical Preview. 1.7M Windows Insiders, 800K pieces of feedback, 200K topics.

Really pushing the idea that Windows 10 allows developers to push out to multiple types of devices.

Touting seamless transition for Win 7 and Win 8 users to Windows 10, and promising robust enterprise support. “Will protect corporate data better than ever.”

Covering three things: response to feedback, showing off features (name drop of Cortana), and new devices “enabled by Windows 10”.

And… we’re a go!

Show starts in 20 minutes! Should last about 2 hours, according to Microsoft.

Check back here for event coverage beginning at Wednesday, 1/21 at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm GMT (Thursday, 1/22 at 4pm AET)


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